When the Creator incarnated into a Human being..

Joel Wendt posted this a while ago, and makes a lot of sense to me.

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Created Wednesday 20 July 2011

Ages ago, in the higher spheres and among certain initiates, it was understood that the Creator was embarked on a journey whereby he/she/it would incarnate as a human being for a brief time, in order to fully identify with humanity in a quite personal way, and then suffer and go through the gate of death.

This was Divine Magic of the highest order, for it would change not only the relationship of the whole of the invisible kingdoms to the human being, but also change earth existence as well.

For some of the higher beings this would be experienced as a loss, for their most important friend and companion was now about to focus his Being so completely in the sphere of Earth Existence that it would be almost like he had left them for another lover … almost.

At the same time, these same Beings also knew that the Father God had already dissolved his whole nature into the Creation, including into the Creator (what Bardon calls “the splitting process”). This Mystery was later known in its first iteration as the Trinity or the Mystery of the Three in One.

As part of this process of incarnation of the Son aspect of this Mystery, it became necessary to prepare a physical body, and astral body and an ethereal body which a God could inhabit.

When the Creator was passing through the Sun Sphere, he appropriated the being-nature of (and was given as a sacrifice) Seven Elohim (the highest Sun Spirits). One of these beings then split off from that unique and intimate companionship in order to appear to the Hebrews as the Yahweh Deity.

He descended closer to the Earth Existence in order to give to these tribal people those rules of conduct that would create through the generations the necessary spiritual bodily organism (physical, astral, and ethereal) that the Creator could then inhabit.

This is the source of the legend of the Jews as the “chosen people”, because they were to purify their descendants such that the remaining Six Elohim beings could enter in, an event which happened at the Baptism at the Jordan, when it is described that a dove descended from Heaven and the Father Being spoke:
This is my Son.

The birth of the Jesus individuality is complicated, but it can be said that those processes eventually lead to the greatest (so far) initiate of the deep past (Zarathustra) possessing (and developing) the Jesus organism up to the time at the Baptism at the Jordan, where the Zarathustra spirit left that organism voluntarily and surrendered it to the Creator-God.

Thus came to be the stories we know as the various Gospels, in which attempts (that often failed) were made to convey as much of these Mysteries as was possible for the still immature understanding of human beings.

What then happened to the Yahweh Deity, now that the Messiah event had occurred (although denied by many)?

This seventh Elohim took a far different path from the other six, such that he/she/it became for a time merged into that aspect of reality which we call Divine Providence and the psalmist calls:
“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”

As this being had drawn close to Earth Existence all the way back in the time of Ancient Egypt, it was this influence that led thrice-great Hermes to create the Emerald Tablet, and also lay the foundations for hermetic science, which is rooted in the name of Yod He Vau He (that becomes Yahweh when the vowels are added).

In this way the Yahweh Elohim married his being-nature to the kingdom of the elements, the most dense spiritual creative aspect of Earth Existence.

It eventually became necessary for this being to also take on a physical, astral and ethereal body, as had the other six. This is the Mystery that stands behind the appearance of Saint Germain in European history.

This being remained incarnate for several hundred years, influencing directly (and very subtly) the emergence of Western Civilization from the Dark Ages, including directly being involved with the Founders of America, via their associations connected to membership in the original masonic lodges.

== ======================== ==

Keep in mind that a kind of occult war was going on in the background of these events, during this crucial time in human history. Other lodges representing other beings and spiritual communities were highly active in seeking earthly historical influence on the future destiny of human beings.

The Yahweh Elohim worked directly with incarnate human beings, thus Bardon’s references to the influence on his work of “Divine Providence”.

Those involved with the Yahweh Elohim, as the Age of Science emerged, could only be contacted very carefully, because part of the duties of the spirits guiding the Age of Science was to allow for a separation of human beings from the Divine, so that to whatever extent human beings sought to re-connect to the Divine Mystery came out of their freedom.

Bardon’s work then had to respect this “freedom” in the most profound ways, as did all other high initiates of the 20th Century, such as Rudolf Steiner and Valentin Tomberg. The battles among the occult lodges remain today, and stands behind a great deal going on presently in human history.

The Bardon work is a contemporary spiritual school designed for folks who have had prior incarnations where as initiates and students of initiation in various mysteries they encountered one or another version of the magical wisdom we call hermeticism in its most earthly (Yahweh) form.

Its most heavenly form is found in Tomberg’s Meditations on the Tarot. Neither is superior to the other, although both can influence each other, should we
choose to integrate them.

The last appearances of this being, as incarnate, took place in the 1970’s, where I personally was visited by him, and at which time he also worked with and inspired the Moody Blues (see their album “Octave”, especially the lines about the man with clear eyes).

When Yahweh appeared to me one day in San Francisco, as he spoke his voice seemed resonated from his whole body, as if it was resounding in a Cathedral, and there were no whites in his eyes, but they were clear as crystal, in the center of which were bright and intense fiery blue irises.

When he spoke to me I was essentially paralyzed and felt completely naked to the core of my being. I was at that point transitioning from the Bardon work to Steiner’s Anthroposophy, a complex process the details of which are not relevant here.

In the Moody Blues Octave album (released in 1978) it is pointed out that he is now “gone”, and we can understand this as meaning no longer incarnate. At the same time, he is the overriding spirit of the Bardon work, such that one of the matters we must learn to study ourselves is what Divine Providence introduces into *our* lives.

Studying Bardon is just the beginning, for we must study life as well, for the Divine Mysteries reside there in the most amazing ways, should we be willing to wake up to them.


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