Below will be hopefully be a body of knowledge by experienced magicians. The information will be constantly re-evaluated, and rewritten, and reworked to reflect the best techniques, ideas, hints understandings ect.

Step I

Intention is key
Passion is the only way to succeed
Thought control, discipline of thoughts, subordination of thoughts

Step II
Work in progress

Step III   Step IV…   Step V…

Meditation In Action by Chogyarn Trungpa

6 thoughts on “I.I.H.

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  2. I have big problems with the imagination training. Since two months I’m doing those damn imagination exercises and I’m not getting better! It’s hopeless, I will never become a good hermeticist…I wish I had Bardon as my personal teacher :'(

    • That’s your subconscious talking to you, telling you it’s hopeless ! Simply tell your subconscious– yeah, OK, whatever, fine and keep going :). Perform the exercises without commenting before during or after, or in fact any time.
      Otherwise your subconscious will make many ‘reasonable’ arguments for you to give up lol.
      But if you keep training, you will go through many times when exercises will seem easy one day, then for no reason, get harder the next– easy, difficult, easy, difficult and back to easy again, but in the end you will be gaining in wisdom every day.

      • Ok…I think I’m going to continue. But aren’t there any imagination techniques that will…well, kinda boost my ability in imagining…or do I have to do it the hard way??

  3. …I have been delving into the ways of myself, consciousness, and everything else for quite some time…

    … Before trying to train any part of yourself, be it the imagination, your heart, your thinking mind…. it is really best to understand how they work in their present state.

    Because, the training as described by Bardon, is basically laid out in a way to do this, but to eventually get you to the point of where everything that happens within you and outside of you – you will be able to trace back to it’s origin…. which is yourself.

    That is why the introspection exercises and how they correspond to the analogies of the elements is so important… because “everything that has been created, has come into being through the labor of the elements.” which means at the most basic level…. your mind, soul, and physical body are all operating within a certain type of composition of these elements… once you understand what the elements are and how they really work… decoding yourself becomes much easier…. once you can decode yourself, and in the process of doing so – you will see how easy working through the exercises could be…. but the thing is, is that you must have control over yourself, over the elements.

    This is why you have to reach a level that he calls ” magical equilibrium “…. where not one of the elements predominates over the others in expressing itself in your being.

    You can’t do any real “magical causation” until you reach such a magical equilibrium…. you literally cannot. And the akasha principle will do everything to help you or stop you along the way.

    Real magical training and achievement is not solely up to you…. the akasha principle is there watching and monitoring you all the time… on every aspect of your being… within your own mind, within your imagination, within your soul, and within your body.

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