Thoughts on HM

The humble magician mentioned quite a few concepts, ideas and so forth. With the grateful help of inspiration, and thoughts from several people, (some alive, some dead!), it might be helpful to explore these.

To those obsessed with the path (like me)! There are other opportunities to develop, while not doing, or having done IIH exercises, like while at work, or life generally. Later on, these skills will be of enormous benefit, one can hardly appreciate now.

Many of these attributes are also very useful for understanding daily life, like working out what people are thinking; business intelligence; social interaction a.s.o.

For example the humble magician mentioned, one of the most important abilities he possesses, is perspicacity. But why is this so important for magic, and how can it be used eventually, to read thoughts? bring more customers? leadership skills? a happier family?

Looking at the word itself, the dictionary states that perspicacity is defined as; keenness of mental perception and understanding; discernment; penetration; sharp-sighted.

But dissecting even further, taking one of these words; discernment, we’ll try to at least meditate on this.

God/spirits communicate with us through feelings, experience, and thoughts. Without this help the path will be very difficult. Also, if one ‘goes it alone’ they do it without the protection from above. And in magic, one will face greater battles than ordinary life. Often with others magicians especially at a certain level!

Words are the worst way to communicate, especially when they become useless, as we progress. They are fine in early stages.

So how do we know what communication is from a spirit, or God, and how can we tell a communication is from other sources using perspicacity?

The clearest words are always from spirits/God. the highest thoughts, and the best feeling. Anything less is from another source.

The highest thought is always that which contains joy. The clearest words are those words which contain truth. The best feelings are the ones which have feelings of love.

Say we wish to know if we need to do more of a particular exercise, or should we move on? Using the three ideas, truth, joy, love, we can determine is there is any more joy left in the exercise, or joy lies in the next one etc.

more later…


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