Hello, welcome, and thanks for checking out this site. I hope it may help a fellow wanderer on the path. If so then I’ll be happy for the chance give at least some back for the countless blessings I have received as a Hermetic magician.

Much of the information on the site is posted when I have time, and the inclination! So some pages have a few potholes in them. BTW if you follow this site, I promise I won’t spam you, got better things to do lol!

It was suggested to put some of the gathered wisdom from Master Bardon, and Divine Providence, and other amazing magicians, which I had originally put on the Franz Bardon forum, as it could help hermeticists like us, so here it is…

I try to do the exercises ‘any which way but loose’ !
What I feel most importantly is that one actually does the exercise. Even when it is done badly, it will still work, no matter what, simply because it is your intention that makes it work. That you intended to do the exercise properly is all that is required, and then trying your best.

Your body, and also the macrocosm will bring you success, if only because you wish for success.

Whatever you wish for you will get, if you keep wishing. So for example your intention or goal for thought concentration might be that you are able to concentrate for 5 minutes without a single thought. Or you are able to place yourself in the center of an object and feel it from the inside.

Maybe a good analogy would be that our intention is like a compass. The compass will point out the direction. Say you need to walk to a town which is south-east. You might walk crooked, and sometimes even backwards, at night, during fog and rain, but because you have a compass, you will get there sooner or later.

Simply doing an exercise means that our intention is to become better, and more skillful. This intention and the practice is enough to succeed. All we need is trust.

Doing the exercise, any way you can will guarantee you get to the next town. But it is important to try to be tight not loose. I mean try to do the exercise, not as many times as possible, but that it is done well. If the concentration, of ANY exercise is done only a few times, but done well, that is also enough.

You’ll find out this yourself after a while anyway.
But what will sabotage you is thinking your compass is not working. That you simply don’t trust yourself. That maybe your intentions don’t work for example. The question is then one of- why do we doubt? And why do we ask ourselves, if what we are doing is correct?

The subconscious doesn’t wish the status quo to change. It will want anything but change. Ones ego doesn’t want change either, as that means certain doom for it. So you will start off with great enthusiasm, like the fool card- full of joy.

But your subconscious is as clever as you are, and will tell you things like you are doing great! but maybe you should alter the exercise somewhat, or maybe you should be breathing in instead of out? perhaps you should pause between breaths?

Or maybe the exercise should be done separately, or you have done quite enough now, and should be proud, and it is good for you to now take a break, because you might be doing damage to yourself. Your subconscious secretly knowing you wont go back to the exercise if you break the habit. Yes it’s that sneaky!

Then it might suggest another ‘better’ system, and before long you have given up completely. Then the submind will tell you not to try it again as you can’t do it, and haven’t got what it takes…

We all have this sort of chat going on at some stage, and its this chat we gotta get rid of. Just do the exercise, keep going, then read the book, and do more. Sooner or later it will ‘click’ into place, as you get better.

This is one of the reasons living in the moment, and ‘catching’ these thoughts are so important, because if you don’t practice some sort of thought control, you will secretly sabotage yourself.

So, every and all ‘discussions’ only lead to the path back to that most miserable state…



ace of wands


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