Snake Power

Concerns are fully justified when raising kundalini !

I know one blogger who ‘smashed’ open the muladhara center after a few months, and ended up on medication. He said he felt suicidal, and nothing made any sense to him- a stranger in a strange land. He gave up his job, and alienated people around him, basically leaving family and friends.

Here is an excerpt:
“On May 5th 1999 the energy erupted waking me up, and with a great amount of energy it rocketed straight up to the brain, not traveling in the central channel, where it smashed through the block protecting the brain. I was terrified as I felt it momentarily explode in the whole brain starting at the frontal lobe while I lost consciousness for the split second. It was a very violent experience. The energy ball then went to another part of the body and came back to the brain exploding there twice again. It sped around my body some more and somehow I managed to break the paralysis so the energy returned to the base of the spine. All it took was a few brief seconds and the damage had been done. “

It took this guy many years to recover from this event.

However, practiced in the right way, releasing the snake power from the muladhara is quite safe.

The Master Franz Bardon recommends pranayama [breathing] exercises, and this might be because he believed breathing to be the most gentle way to awaken the snake power.

Also, raising kundalini slowly, is the key to safety. And listening to your body. If you notice anything unusual, then maybe stop for a few weeks and wait.

As the energy is female (shakti) energy, the best and only time to practice pranayama is from the beginning of the new moon, until the full moon. This month, it starts from 8th of July at 7:15 am until 22nd of July at 18:16pm.

The practice must be at night between dusk, and dawn. Raising kundalini during the day might be the cause of discordant effects mentioned above.

The kundalini energy spirals around the body moving upwards. Some report it moving up the spine. The snake power removes all negativity stress, anger, darkness, if done in the correct way. It increases imaginative ability amongst other things.

How I practice is a simple yoga technique. Hold right nostril with thumb, and breath prana (life force) through left nostril, down the spine to the muladhara chakra. The chakra spins like a spinning top very quickly upon doing this. Then hold this prana in the muladhara center while holding the breath.

Still holding ones breath, place the ring finger, and little finger on left nostril. Breath out prana through the right nostril this time, imagining all prana is now gone from the chakra. Basically emptying the chakra again.

I do this about 9 times a night, but a beginner might feel comfortable doing less, and increasing monthly.

It is very important to imagine your chakra closing, and being sealed after these exercises, or you might find an entity living in your chakra ! Imagine your whole body and concentrate your awareness on resetting your etheric body to it’s default setting. Look for any leaks, and seal them.

After 5 to 6 months you should begin to notice significant changes, but done in a measured way. However you won’t find the snake power running riot all over your body.

The enormous power sleeping in the reproductive organs is the key to raising kundalini. If this power is saved through zero sensual activity, it builds up over a few weeks.

In other words, the female snake uses the great power of the phallus to punch through blockages in the other chakras.

This is partly the reason to refrain from any sensual activity, often recommended by hermetic masters.

Awakening kundalini is excellent for hermetic magicians. Leading a good righteous and proper moral life becomes important, and will help to raise the energy.

When the snake power is released, and blocks removed, one will naturally feel calm, peaceful, moral, with a sense of nobility, and dignity. One will also feel very motivated, confident, accepting of self.

After a while, one begins to look forward to doing these exercise as the months go by. One feels a sort of delight, and begins to laugh much more, more deeply and more freely ! Innocence is the name of this snake power !

This supramental meditation is a state of thoughtless consciousness beyond the mind. In this meditation past life impressions or Sanskaras of varied types (anger, greed, lust etc) come out, and find physical expression.

The physical expressions you see in the above video are because of the great cleansing of Sanskaras. While some weep, some dance, some crawl, and some shout out their Sanskaras.

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