Practice and doing it right is Key

The Adept magician in the book commented:

As your ability to make change in the created and partially created worlds increases, so does the necessity to be fully in control of the operation you are attempting to accomplish.

So what does this mean?

When students of martial arts practice they do so very slowly, carefully and with exaggerated movements. The speed is not important at all. What we are doing is programming our subconscious mind. If we practice quickly, and try to gain speed, we will make mistakes and the mistakes/errors are also programmed into our mind. It’s the same in magic.

Magic has two sides as we know, fire and water. We can apply these elements to anything to discover truths. So how do fire and water apply to practice? If we know that then we can provide a more effective training, for less time.

  • Fire is the goal or objective, the speed, the quantity and the seed.
  • Water is the practice or subjective, the deliberate pace, the quality and the soil.

With fire, we direct our exercises and plant the seed and what we wish to achieve. With water, we take that seed and by practising slowly, we grow that seed in the ‘soil’ (water). If we didn’t direct our practice we wouldn’t be doing anything! If we used only the fire side, directing and concentrating on the goal, we wouldn’t nurture the ‘seed’. So practice requires both the fire and water elements to be extremely effective.

Musicians also notice this. Ones who practice slowly and carefully, making sure their fingers land on the right places on the musical instrument find they become better much faster than a student who tries to play beyond their ability. Which brings us to the second statement by the magician:

Study diligently, do not attempt to work beyond your level
and you’ll likely do well.

It’s ironic that going slowly is actually faster! But it wont be a surprise to many readers. So when it comes to a magical operation, and we have carefully programmed our mind with a magical technique, it will be automatic. He also states: ‘you’ll likely do well’.

To be a genuine magician, doors must be open to him or her. These ‘doors’ are only open to the noble magician with integrity. So in using the word ‘likely’ the magician is pointing out that success depends upon several or more factors. But it is likely you will do well !

Franz Bardon in his book Initiation… also commented on rituals:

Having arrived at this point, that a desire has become an automatic function of your imagination, the process will go in an inverted order: you perform the ritual or the gesture, and the imagination or the power in question will automatically release their effect.

So those who want to perform magic and wish to gain abilities quickly, should go slowly!

Here is another tip. Before you do any magical practice, write down what you are about to do. For example you wish to fill a room with universal light. First write it down something like; I will fill this room with universal light, which is a silvery white colour. The room will radiate light for miles around. The universal light will feel alive, as if it is alive and brilliant like the Sun. This will have a great benefit on..(health, success etc)

Then, perform the exercise and you might be surprised. Writing the exercise down is an occult operation in of itself, although it must on paper not a computer. Meditation on why writing this down might be useful suffice to say that it has to do with faith, knowing and power over the female universe.


3 thoughts on “Practice and doing it right is Key

    • TBH I really didn’t really want to sell a Kindle version. The book is a magical talisman which grows in strength the more one reads it. But this is lost when one buys an electronic copy, also a book cannot spy!

  1. Thank you so much for this book. There are a lot of commentaries out there about Bardon’s books but non inspired me and opened my eyes as this one. It is really curious why people are not aware of this book though.

    Anyone who sees this. This book is a gem.

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