Lost Soul

We are learning self control all the time because without it, we are literally a ‘lost soul’. Here is a question from Rish:

Since I have started the [vacancy of mind] exercises , I am becoming more sensitive to [my] thoughts. Before that [my thoughts] weren’t noticeable, they were in the background. Only when I was stressed, worried and thinking intensely [did] I become conscious of [my thoughts]..

What Rish has discovered is exactly what we are looking for, because this is the difference between living ‘unconsciously’ and ‘consciously’. Our mind has two sides to it, the subconscious and the conscious.

The Adept Magician noted:

About the connection of conscious and subconscious, they are not simply connected: they are the same. I’ve heard so much over the years about the ‘laws of analogy’, relative to the relationship of the microcosm and macrocosm. The truth is so simple it escapes many. ‘As above, so below’ is not analogy: it is metaphor.

In the uncontrolled mind there is continual chat. For example the conscious and subconscious mind might have a discussion something along the lines of:

Hmm I think I’ll get fit for this summer..
Good idea, but why don’t you do it next week when you have some time ? I mean after all it’s a lot of work and there is some stuff on the television you should look at… Maybe you could practice IIH instead? That would be very productive and you can still get fit next week…

OK then, I am now determined to practice IIH…
Great! you’ll do very well, but I heard yoga was really good and might suit you better? That IIH stuff is so difficult anyway. I know, why don’t you get fit instead? Then IIH might be easier AND the summer is coming and you can look your best!! IIH is probably better to practice it in winter anyway..

OK you got me, the summer is coming, I’ll get fit and then practice IIH…
Well, you could practice IIH now and use it to help you get fitter? I mean it’s all about mind and body isn’t it?
Oh shoot, this is all too much hassle, I’ll think about it tomorrow…

When we live unconsciously, we let our subconscious mind rule what happens to us. The subconscious mind is the female part and the conscious mind is the male part. Fathers make very poor mothers and similarly, mothers make very poor fathers !

By being a ‘lost soul’ with no self control, we allow the female part of our mind to rule the relationship between conscious and subconscious with obvious disastrous consequences. The conscious mind is the positive/light/electric side, whereas the subconscious mind is the negative/dark/magnetic side.

At this point, anything at all can happen because we have no self control and are allowing the negative subconscious part of our mind to direct what happens to us– utterly lost like a rudderless ship with a dark master at the helm!

Voices in ones head, depression, lack of self belief, failure in life, alcoholism and drug addiction become the medication for this lack of control and are the usual results. Medication simply numbs the mind, allowing a space for us to have some peace. It is a poor substitute for thought control, yet thought control is easy to learn and effortless to live with on a daily basis, if only we perform this VOM/EOM for a few months. How much less needless suffering would there be in the world if everyone performed this simple exercise?

So, after only a little while, Rish has rediscovered his thought processes. He has also begun to notice what he thinks. It’s somewhat like watching what food we eat, we begin to select which thoughts to think and also it becomes far easier to rid ourselves of persistent negative thoughts.

The benefits of controlling our thoughts when it comes to the practice of magic at a later stage is obvious, but what is not so obvious is the dramatic albeit gradual control we gain over our lives, leading to success, self confidence and empowerment. We become more peaceful, more tolerant and the magic we practice becomes easier, more effective and more powerful. Our spirituality and spiritual power increase and because the waters of our mind are clear, the light of the Supreme Being can penetrate our mind leading to wonderful joyous intuition.

We are found !



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