Dedicated to the teachings of the western hermetic master, Franz Bardon (1909-1958).

Franz Bardon wrote three books, “Initiation into Hermetics”, “The Practice of Magical Evocation”, and “Key to the True Quabbalah”. Our discussions are primarily concerned with these texts.

Maintained by several practicing magicians, one of whom has had outstanding success in the field of healing. These pages take the most helpful feelings, thoughts, and experiences gleaned from many years of study and practice, from contributing hermetic magicians.

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  1. Hi, I have had in my possession a copy of initiation into hermetics, for a while. Only now have I made up my mind to follow this system and stick with it. I have a long interest in the occult even as a child, now at thirty four I have begun to practice. I have literally only just begun. I am doing the thought control exercise, I ve been doing it for over a week. I do it for 8 minutes but am not happy with my ability to remember my thoughts. Knowing I have to remember my thoughts instead of remaining a passive observer I constantly go over everything ive already thought! Should I conscientiously go back to 5 minutes meditating until I can remember every thought in order in that 5 minutes or just keep going till I reach 10 minutes and hope the mind quiets down so ill be able to remember my thoughts. I ve been increasing the time by one minute every day but I feel my ability to remember is poor. Any help would be much appreciated.
    warm regards

    • Hello,

      We all come up with problems in IIH. Things we’re not sure of, and how to do this or that exercise, how long, and how many, doing it the right way etc etc.

      But the secret to these questions is to keep going. Then, as you do them, you realise you might have been doing them incorrectly, or you find a better way to do them etc. In other words, the answer will come in it’s own time, as you progress.

      But if you stop at these questions, or they become an obstacle, you are on the road to quitting.

      You see you subconscious is probably telling you, that this problem is important, and if you can’t do this, then you can’t do any more exercises ! As IIH states, you can consider the subsconscious to be your opponent.

      So you have started one week. You must use the old grey matter to work things like this out, because eventually, you will run out of people you can ask !!! And you can’t ask every single thing, because there will probably be a lot of questions.

      To answer you question, what is the object of the exercise? Thought control.
      To quote “observe the train of your thoughts for five minutes, trying to retain it.”

      What he means here by ‘it’ is the observance of the thoughts, or the train of thoughts, not memorize all your thoughts because that would be almost impossible.

      He then says: “Take the behavior of a silent observer toward these trains of thoughts, freely and independently”

      Bardon is basically suggesting that you watch your thoughts, as if they are on a cinema screen. Not interacting with them. But watch them, sort of happening to you. This will make you objectivise your thoughts, and is the first step to controlling what you think.

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