The Adept Magician


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The Adept Magician is my new book. I know we are spammed to buy this and that hundreds of times a week! But the reason I published this book is because I believe in it.

Why? Because the Adept magician in the book left us an `Ariadne’s thread’ for a reason: transformation.

But not everyone can afford or even wishes to buy a book and so I’ll be taking sections of it and expanding them here to help as many as possible along their path. One of the chapters is entitled:

Practice and doing it right is key.




7 thoughts on “The Adept Magician

    • Hello,

      Have you tried Kindle Cloud reader ?
      This isn’t as good as having a .pdf (which aren’t available at the moment) but no matter what device you have you can sign in and read the book. But if you buy the kindle version, because you are one of my first customers I’ll also send you the physical paperback. Just don’t tell anyone :)

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