Snake Power

Concerns are fully justified when raising kundalini !

I know one blogger who ‘smashed’ open the muladhara center after a few months, and ended up on medication. He said he felt suicidal, and nothing made any sense to him- a stranger in a strange land. He gave up his job, and alienated people around him, basically leaving family and friends. Continued…

4 thoughts on “Snake Power

  1. I really enjoyed this article, good energy, enlightening wisdom and highly informing links, big thank you for sharing, sincere regards, Barry

    • Chaste? lol I have no clue what Master Bardon’s personal life was like. But I know that Other initiates have said that chaste for a week or two, will build up power within the muladhara chakra..
      Then there are those who are not chaste, and some who have no need for physical pleasure, as it cannot compare to their happy state of mind, and balance.

      Hope that helps.

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