Letting Go…

In magic, the need to know, to understand to learn can become a bit of an obsession. But this needing to know, can actually block our progress.

I let go of the ‘need to know’ for a while, and I found I actually began to get more answers than I thought possible. In fact I couldn’t write them all down.

The universe teaches us – we do not need anything. Now if we constantly look search, need answers, they will be hidden from us, simply to teach us not to need them.

When you let go of a thing, sometimes you gain it.
He who looses his life for me, will gain it.

Life here meaning ‘worldly life’ in exchange for ‘heavenly life’. BTW the second birth or the phrase- you must be reborn, is nothing more than as the Humble Magician describes the first great initiation. Then one can be called ‘children of God’ because literally when one can be called a child of God, one can work miracles just like the humble magician.

So those being reborn become ‘children of God’ and that is what we are at, on this ‘short path’.

Notice the HM was sick for three days. It was three days when the master of Galilee walked from the desert (death) to the feast (the wedding), and it was also three days from crucifixion to the feast (resurrection), and it seems the same with initiation three days.

So when you find yourself going through a mini initiation, give yourself three days to rest, or divert to another exercise to save from breaking a habit.

If you pick cards, then you might notice the judgement card coming up a lot.

More accumulated wisdom from Divine Providence, and other magicians has been collected here

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