The Tower

For those who are superstitious (like me) this is interesting..

There are supposedly two churches. The church of St. Peter, and the Church of St. John. A quick explanation of the difference between the two,
as I see it =]

The church of St. Peter has the seat of the Pope filled with a man chosen for the purpose. It is St. Peter himself who sits at the throne. But in the Church of St. John, John stands by the throne, waiting patiently for the Master to return.

John was supposedly the favourite of the Master from Galilee. Also, John was supposed to be most deeply initiated into the use of the Quabbalistic Word, according to Franz Bardon.

This would make John many times more powerful, than his fellow apostle Peter. Yet it was Peter who stepped into the chair. (BTW the Church of St. John is closely associated with hermetic philosophy.)

But what has been the result? Sins like murder forgiven in advance, disgracefully in the name of the Master? Money, and power the coveted positions bought and sold by various Popes? Ethnic cleansing? Rights stamped upon?

So now we have the church as it stands. Sexual abuse, scandle, torture by nuns, interference in politics, power for power’s sake, the church is in ruins?

Now lets look at the tarot card- The tower.


It pictures a man-made structure, like a dominating man-made Ivory tower of kings and politicians (rider waite deck). In the picture, the tower is struck by lightning, and the people are cast out, falling to the ground, upside down, still with their crowns on.

The tower represents, in my opinion, a structure which has taken time to put up, and been up for a long time. But when hit by the lightning, completely destroys not only the tower, but the power and dominion of those inside- forever.

The picture below was taken the day the Pope resigned (mon 11th 2013) for supposed ill-health reasons. In the fulcrum point of power in the Catholic Church- St. Peter’s Basilica Call me superstitious !


But not wanting to denigrate the church too much.. There have been lots of bad apples, but there have been many heroes quietly working without plaudits of any kind in the Church.

People and priests working with homelessness, drugs, poverty, famine and war, work tirelessly, without reward.

But to me it seems there is a change on the way, a change for the better.

BTW, people with sharp eyes might notice the electric lighting for  the Basilica. Its mostly lit from underneath.
This is negative, and gives an eerie macabre look as if lit from the lights of hell! Things which are lit from above look as if they are being lit from the heavens, which is a bit ironic.

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