Initiation into Hermetics

Magic and the path to magic begins and ends in joy.  Wisdom, happiness, and the ability to be-cause in this world, are the off-shoots! In other words, learning to become a God is what magic is about.

But this God, magic will teach to understand that all have this potential, and all are part of God- all are equal. Humility and wonder becomes understood by the developing magician, along with exhilaration.

It is the ‘solve et coagula’, where like a metal heated to molten, the dross is removed.. All the impurities and doubt are ladled from the spirit, leaving only beautiful Gold !

During the course of Franz Bardon’s three books, the Magician practices, usually alone, without reward, certificate or medal. Often for years upon years.

Like a seed planted in the dark soil, nothing looks to be happening, but under the hood, mighty changes are occuring.

Growth sort of creeps up, suddenly the magician begins to find unusual things happening, small signs, insights, intuition, inspiration, weird coincidences begin to occur regularly.

The magician finds he is able to progress their life far more quickly, and more adeptly than before. Because, like a tree, his personal magical power grows slowly, but steadily.

This is only the beginning of what is available to the Magician who follows Franz Bardon’s books. But not only organic, natural growth, the magician discovers he has the ability to create miracles…

7 thoughts on “Initiation into Hermetics

    • I do always have questions related to practice. But I don’t let my questions slow me down in my practice and enthusiasm for Hermetics these days. In the past yes I let my own questions get in the way showing that I wasn’t really ready to make progress in Hermetics..
      Do you have any other Masters in mind other than Bardon and the Humble Magician?

      • Other masters? maybe Emil Stejnar? of course Rudolf Steiner, The Kybalion, Eliphas Levi, Valentin Tomberg, even Ophiels ‘creative visualization’ ‘astral projection’ books contains answers he might not have been aware of regarding the metaphorical language.

        For instance, he [Ophiel] says a symbol is directly linked to the thing it represents. For example ones PC has the full power of the weather computers, and satellites to know what tomorrow will be like.

        Our PC is a symbol of the powerful computers it connects to, with the same power as them. Just as the humble magician mentioned, its not just analogies, but metaphors. I suppose that is a good metaphor for the Magician- One who has full power of the thing he represents (as long as his internet connection is ok =)

        Another set of books not so obvious would be ‘the truth vibrations’, by David Icke. If I can think of any more, I must get a reading list together. Any suggestions are welcome.

        I used to have hundreds of questions, the questions were advanced, beyond ‘where I was’ magically speaking. I realized I had the answers already, but I couldn’t see them simply because I was not developed enough. And if I could in fact see the answer, it was no good to me at that stage. So I gave up asking advanced questions.

        Now I only ask questions directly linked to what I am doing, and find the answers pointed out to me effortlessly. I’m sort of overwhelmed sometimes. I can’t believe it now, especially knowing myself and how obsessive I can be, but I am content with the answers I have !?!? How did that happen?

      • Yes, I have had that same thought as you quote from Opiel and have had it with Steiner’s help. For Steiner he would say that the idea is how the reality of the so called “thing in itself” appears in our minds, Just as the perception is how it appears to our senses, And that the idea (not the thought) and perception are in reality non-dual. It is our materialistic thinking and modern consciousness that splits them and in this splitting causes the human being to loose confidence in our ability to “know” what is real. And to loose confidence in the human ability to know the true nature of the world and of ourselves.
        Yes, so if I ask questions about the stage of where I am at in this moment then those ideas appearing in our mind will have vitality and qualities sufficient to provide answers. And we can have confidence in them to go forward. Especially if I am detached from them as any kind of dogma and am ready to let go of them as I move forward.

  1. I like Ophiel. He was a pioneering spirit forging ahead on his own. A clear writer also. Not many know about Tomberg. You must have braved the waters of Anthro world.

    • ” And to loose confidence in the human ability to know the true nature of the world and of ourselves.”

      Yep, exactly what we wanted. God had no experience of himself, knowing yes, but that’s no good. That’s why he split himself into all of us, and we made ourselves forget who we are, to experience who we are not. That’s the only way to know who we really are, and what glory is. And we do this ‘not knowing’ in an endless amount of ways.

      Braved the anthro waters? haha no, not that brave I’m afraid. Dipped a toe in yes. No question R.S. is an amazing man, but I’m a water person, and F. Bardons system is definitely lunar.

      I’d like to put Tomberg’s writings on the site here, although I’d like to put it in a way that’s easy to understand. Hence one of the overwhelmed feelings! The magician card is vital to IIH, and more. Without it, one simply couldn’t put in the huge perseverance necessary.

      Ahh Ophiel, I love that guy. Yes a true pioneer, in the face of absolute ignorance. And it never changed him one bit. 40 years of questioning, nearly ruining himself in the process, before he finally made amazing breakthroughs. How could one not admire him.

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